The revolutionary BBQ cooking grate accessory which enhances your food!


Grill Grate Griddle - 18.50"

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Grill Grate Griddle - 18.50"
A 18.5" (24 x 47cm) Griddle for a GrillGrate.


With a GrillGrate you can prepare perfect grilled food with a tasty taste. For some kind of food, a griddle is needed to achieve the perfect taste. GrillGrate had made the GrateGrill Griddle which interlocks perfectly with your current GrateGrill.

A GrateGrill Griddle can be uses as a Griddle or can be used for defrosting your food. The Griddle divides the heat perfectly, so you can bake perfect mushroom or other food. All the Griddles are made of high quality hard anodized aluminum.