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Grill Grate Testimonials from BBQ GrillGrate Owners

We'd love to hear from you, Please use our contact form for all of your question, comments or testimonials. GrillGrate has taken the US market by storm here is just what some of our freinds across the pond had to say about this fantastic product.

"I've been grilling for almost 40 years..... and WOW! Best grilling accessory I have ever owned! Every gas grill should have one! I cook anything and everything on it."

Ed S. - Urbandale, IA grills on a Ducane, USA

"Adding Grillgrates to my charcoal grill has completely changed the way we view grilling. My wife can't wait for me to find new recipes and techniques to try. We both get excited about preparing dinner now."

Alan C. - Beaufort, SC, USA

"When I replaced the cast iron grates on my Louisiana Pellet Grill and all I can say is WOW! Totally transformed my cooker into a real performer and my word, the improvement in flavor and juices had people wondering where I was buying my beef.."

Greg S., USA

"So far this is the most work my grill has ever had! I am transformed into a back yard BBQ warrior!"

William W. - Cypress, TX, USA

"I thought they looked like a gimmick, but when I saw them in action, I sprung for them and they are the real deal! My cast iron grates got kicked to the curb!"

Brian M. - Bothell, WA - competition team, USA

"Grillgrates turned my $85 grill into an $850 grill!! Awesome design guys."

David H. - Anderson, IL, USA

"GrillGrates has made me a master steak chef."

Tim E. - Nova Scotia, Canada, USA

"GrillGrates have revolutionized how I use my gas grill!"

Patrick L. - Ontario, Canada, USA

"I get excited every time I grill something new on my GrillGrate. If you like to grill out, the GrillGrate is a must have!"

Guerry N. - St. Simon, GA, USA

"This is the best grill I have ever owned. The Grill grates made it even better.... I cook on the grill probably 200+ days a year..... and they are without a doubt the best grill product EVER!"

Scott G. - Mechanicsville, VA grills on a Sterling Forge Estate SF2700, USA

"These are the greatest invention since the barbecue."

Alan F. - San diego, CA grills on a Charbroiler, USA

"I have been using my grill grates for three months now and had no clue what I was missing. They are by far the best BBQ product on the market if you truly love to grill anything....Thanks!"

Albert B. - Corona, CA, USA

"Your grill grates are the best thing since Apple."

Ronald B. - Roscoe, IL grills on a Memphis Pro VGA0001S4, USA

"I have been cooking on the grill for thirty years and thought I knew everything. I just bought 4 Grill grates and have cooked on them 8-10 times and I am completely overwhelmed at how my cooking has improved."

Don T. - Leesburg, FL, USA

"Grill Grates have made me a courageous grill cook!..... Now I produce foods that even my adult children say is as good as going to a great steak house!"

Jerry O. - Mundelein, IL grills on a Weber Genesis, USA

"I've just got to say that the claims are all true.....I didn't tell my wife about the Grill Grates and she commented at least twice how good the steaks were."

David B. - Houston, TX grills on a Broil King gas grill, USA

"I sincerely want to thank you for this product. My wife HATED when I grilled since everything inevitably burned or tasted charred. No more-THANK YOU!"

Jeff S. - Oshkosh,WI grills on a Weber Kettle, USA

"I converted my brother-in-law's Weber gas grill over to the GG's...and received a "thank you" from my sister yesterday for "the best steak she has ever eaten".."

Jerry H. - Sandusky, OH, USA

"Well I'll tell you we have gone from grilling every 2-3 weeks to 3-4 times a week. This product is amazing and worth every penny spent on them. Thank you!!!!"

Barry B. - Ottumwa, IA, USA

"When I think of all the burnt skin of the past I could cry. Anyone doing chicken(or anything else for that matter) without these grates is really missing something special."

Rich M , USA

"I received my Grill Grates as a birthday gift from my wife...The first thing I wanted to grill was a GREAT steak dinner.....The end result was a steak dinner like no other we have had before!"

William W. - Cypress. TX, USA

"Words can't begin to describe how 'grate' the food taste that is cooked on the GrillGrates"

Todd H. - Holly Pond, AL grills on a Bayou Classic Ceramic Grill, USA

"After several uses, the "GrillGrate" has turned by gas grill into a cooking machine."

Rick G. – Atlanta, GA

"One word for your product: EXCELLENT!!!"

Jonathan A. – Indonesia, USA

"I want to let you know that grill grates are the best thing since the invention of the Grill. I have been using them to cook just about everything on the grill since I received them."

Jim F. – Pennsylvania, USA

"I purchased GrillGrates as a gift for my husband this past Christmas. We grill year-round and our original grates were a mess. It was either buy a new grill or try GrillGrates. WOW! I love these things."

Becky M. – Atlanta, GA, USA

"I LOVE my Grill Grate. It makes everything that I cook on my grill better that I could have imagined."

Patti P. – Colorado, USA

"The GrillGrates are magnificent so we decided to buy for the entire family! A product that not only meets expectation, but delivers over the top customer satisfaction!!!"

Robert D. – Luray, VA, USA

"I love to cook and I love GrillGrates! Your product lets me cook and eat MY way. I plan my weekly menu around your grill!"

Beth B. – Staten Island, NY, USA

"So simple. So smart. That's GrillGrates and the GrateTool"

Steve Kruschen, AKA Mr. Gadget, USA