The revolutionary BBQ cooking grate accessory which enhances your food!


Grate Meals for your Barbecue Cooking Grates!

With GrillGrates, you can bbq an entire meal that is simple, healthy and economical. The recipe for Grate Meals is simple:

1. Start with grate appetizers like grilled pizza, grilled pasta, or grilled sausages with sliced apples.

2. Give your main dish some company on the barbecue:

 Family style vegetables on the GrillGrates:

Family style grilled vegetables on the GrillGrates : Break out of the routine of cooking too much of any one side and go simply natural with sweet potatoes, onions, mushrooms, carrots, corn, asparagus, and squash. Try one or two of many:

1 Sweet Potato- sliced ½" thick
1 Potato, sliced ½" thick
1 Onion sliced in thirds
1 Courgette sliced in ¼" lengthwise slices
Brush or mist little olive oil and sprinkle seasoning, grill on MED or LOW Heat

Grate veggies need to grill a bit longer than steaks or boneless chicken, so they may need a head start. Sweet potato and thicker squash need 20-25 minutes on the grill.

What a family style plate this simple harvest makes!   And just four vegetables and no cookware but GrillGrates! Your vegetables are at their most delicious and most healthy with GrillGrates and a little olive oil and seasoning.

 Other Grate Ideas for Side Dishes or Appetizers:

  Fresh Stuffed Ravioli  
Buy the large ones in the deli section, just brush or mist on olive oil and turn a couple
  of times until they puff up and get crispy. No pre-boiling is necessary. (Only fresh or
  frozen, dry pasta will not work.)

  Grilled Sausage with Grilled Sliced Apples
Use chicken, turkey or conventional sweet or savory sausage. BBQ the sausage and
  slice into little rounds. Apple's sweet flavor is complimented by a delicious texture
  when grilled.

  Grilled Bread
With herb butter probably will end up as an appetizer! It never seems to make it to
  the dinner table. Use a Baggett and slice on an angle.

Grate Grilling For Meat Lovers

In a word, JUICIER. The "Sizzle Effect" of the GrillGrate design keeps the good juices sizzling just beneath the food in a convection of heat, while the fatty juices are eliminated through the elliptical fat draining holes in the bottom of the grate. Another reason meats are juicier is the protection the GrillGrates provide against charring and excessive flaming that dries out meat, particularly chicken, pork, lean burgers etc. Even the leanest meats are juicier than you've ever grilled them.

Grill Restaurant Quality, Championship Worthy Steaks Everytime with GrillGrates

Introducing the Perfect Burger!


  • The Original Raised Rail Design™ delivers Steakhouse searing every time.

  • The GrateTool™ makes flipping burgers an art form not a hope and a scrape. Especially with leaner meats.

  • Prepare for the gratest, juiciest burger you've ever grilled!

Grill Grate Boneless skinless chicken, prime rib roast, lamb etc. MEDIUM HEAT for red meats, and LOW HEAT for chicken, pork and roasts.