​About Grillgrate

“Take your Grill from good to grate” is a term used by many Grillgrate Grillers.

The original Raised Rail Design™ is a newly designed BBQ system that can be placed on top of any existing Grids. GrillGrates sear and grill food better than traditional grills, which are more exposed to direct flames and in which juices are merely a fuel for extra flames. GrillGrates retain juices for extra flavour and tenderness. The gutters of a GrillGrate catch the juices to let them sizzle back into the food.

Grillgrate is the Ultimate Upgrade with: Always Perfect Grillstripes, 30°C more heat, even heat distribution, more control, flameproof, innovative design, hard anodised aluminium, better cooking and more flavour.

GrillGrates offer years of barbecue fun! With a little care and correct use, a set of GrillGrates will last longer than your barbecue. A little care comes down to cleaning before barbecuing with a traditional carrier brush for hard anodised GrillGrates.


GrillGrate officially started in 2007, but the story began earlier when founders Brad & Susan met in college and grilled together for the first time. They did this on the old barbecue that Brad’s father gave them. They needed new grills and that is how they came up with GrillGrate. GrillGrate is a family business from America that single-handedly built an empire to become the big brand it is today.  A real American family business that has grown into a global company, known for its innovative BBQ accessories and solutions for every barbecue, always with a formula that fits, even on the kamado.

“Years Of Fun, Food, And Friendships” “The best part, is the people we meet along the way. From competitions and shows, to cookoffs and meeting happy customers everywhere, the GrillGrate passion is stronger than ever.”